raymonde's gallery

" FACES" Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

"ISABELLE" Oil on canvas. size 12x16

LIFE CYCLES' acrylic on canvas.size 16x20

TROPICAL BEAUTY" Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

" STRONG WOMAN"" Acrylic on canvas. Size 16x20

"REGINE",colored pencil on paper. size 16x20

HOLA HOOP IN ACTION.Acrylic on canvas.size 12x24

Currently on display at the"Premier Family Health center" in Wellington.On display through April

"HAT STORIES"acrylic on canvas size 16x20

" COLIN"S FAVORITE SPOT"> Aylic on canvas size 16x20

" A GIFT FOR YOU" Soraya's offering. acrylic on canvas. size 12x16

"ZENOBIA'S SPECIAL DAY'Acrylic on canvas. size 12x16

REGINE AND ISABELLE.Acrylic on canvas.size 16x20

" GOSSIPS"acrylic on canvas.size 18x24.

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