raymonde's gallery



Between light and shade

 "REFLECTIONS". Acrylic  on canvas, size 20x16

"LOVING SWANS" Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

"SHELLS ON SHORE " Acrylic on canvas. size 18X24


" SUNSET IN AUTUMN""Palette knife painting  Acrylic on plywood

"CACTUS",'a force of nature. Acrylic on canvas. Size 16x20

.Acrylic on canvas size 16x20

Breadfruits""acrylic on canvas. size 18X24

Vina Del Mar: City in Valparaiso, Chili. Acrylic on canvas.size 18x24



 "MAGICAL GARDEN."  Acrylic on canvas. size 18x24

" FIELD OF LAVENDER, Acrylic on canvas.size 16x20.

"BUTTERFLY IN LOVE".Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

"NIGHT HERON" Acrylic on canvas. size 20x16

 " YOU CANNOT LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY" Acrylic on canvas. size 18x24

" GIANT ROCKS"Torres del Paine. Chili in color. Size 12x24 

Shiuli glass work in color an interpretationpretation

SHELLS IN LIGHT' an interpretation.Acrylic on canvas.Size 18x24

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