raymonde's gallery



Between light and shade

 "REFLECTIONS". Acrylic  on canvas, size 20x16

"LOVING SWANS" Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

"SHELLS ON SHORE " Acrylic on canvas. size 18X24


" SUNSET IN AUTUMN""Palette knife painting  Acrylic on plywood

"CACTUS",'a force of nature. Acrylic on canvas. Size 16x20

.Acrylic on canvas size 16x20

"FIESTA ON THE LAKE"acrylic on canvas. size 18X24

Vina Del Mar: City in Valparaiso, Chili. Acrylic on canvas.size 18x24


Nature and Nurture

 "MAGICAL GARDEN."  Acrylic on canvas. size 18x24

" FIELD OF LAVENDER, Acrylic on canvas.size 16x20.

"BUTTERFLY IN LOVE".Acrylic on canvas. size 16x20

"NIGHT HERON" Acrylic on canvas. size 20x16

 " YOU CANNOT LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY" Acrylic on canvas. size 18x24

" GIANT ROCKS"Torres del Paine. Chili in color. Size 12x24 

Shiuli glass work in color an interpretationpretation

SHELLS IN LIGHT' an interpretation.Acrylic on canvas.Size 18x24

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